Seawalls. Storm Drains. Manholes. Sewers & Pipes. Headwalls.

Seawall Rehab

We repair seawall defects with Soilground™ eliminating the problem permanently.

Storm Drains

Save money and properly repair or maintain your storm drains. Ask us about the cost savings.

Manholes & Catch Basins

A comprehensive approach and injection grouts are the most economic and long-term solutions.

Proudly Serving Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas For Over 20 Years

All State Civil Construction

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Soilground (TM) Solidifies Voids
Seawall Erosion Repair & Rehab
We inject a polyurethane resin that reacts with existing soil and moisture to create a solidified mass. The resin expands up to 3000% to fill the voids created by erosion and offers a permanent solution.
Protect Drains From Infiltration & Inflow (I&I)
Storm Drain & Sewer Repair
Cracks, leaky pipe joints and deteriorated manholes infiltrate underground systems placing a burden on collection systems resulting in environmental concerns. We maintain these structures and ensure there are no leaks.
Injectable Urethane Grouts
Manhole Rehabilitation
Below-grade structures require a proper assessment to determine the right approach for repairs. Injection or curtain grouts are an economical way to seal leaks and eliminate infiltration.
Why Choose All State Civil Construction?
All State Civil Construction
We are OSHA & Confined Space Certified. We have an excellent safety record. With over 20 years in the civil construction industry we strive to provide services safely for everyone.
We are committed to following industry standards set by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure.
All State Civil Construction
"At East Coast Marine Construction & Design we trust in All State Civil Construction for projects large and small. When time is important & professionalism is key, we call Chris at All State Civil Construction. Finding a crew that you can trust from start to finish can be challenging, especially when all of your projects are detail oriented & demand precision. Luckily, that is what we get every time we hire All State Civil Construction."
- Michael F.
    Daytona Beach, FL
"Chris and his crew at All State Civil Construction are experts in their craft. I know when I need help with an important project they are always there to make sure the job is done right the first time."
- Robert P.
    New Smyrna Beach, FL
All State Civil Construction
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