Expert Storm Drain Maintenance

Florida weather is known for sunny skies, warm breezes, and frequent torrential downpours. Storm drains are in place to help quickly siphon water from the streets and carry it away. However, drains must be free of debris and regularly maintained to work as intended. Learn what you can do to prevent storm drain clogs. 

Identify Your Storm Drain 

Storm drains are known by many different names. Despite the varying terminology, they are all designed to do the same job. Storm drains gather the rainwater and runoff and carry it into the city’s drain system. While some people have shared drains located on the street, others may have grates closer to their homes. Storm drains are also referred to as: 

  • Catch basins
  • Grates
  • Area drains
  • Storm basins 
  • Street drains 

Not only do the drains have different monikers, but they also have different types. If you have a storm drain on your property that is pooling water or needs maintenance, it is helpful to know which kind of drain you have. 

  • Polyvinyl chloride drain line is also known as a PVC drain 
  • Corrugated drain line is also known as a corrugated HDPE pipe
  • French drain is also known as a rock drain or weeping tile drain 

Maintain Your Storm Drain 

While professional storm drain repair and maintenance services are the most efficient way to approach critical issues, there are preventative measures that every homeowner can take. 

Restrict Any Dumping in Drains 

Some people see a drain and might assume that it is safe to dump any materials. This assumption is incorrect. Drains can clog long before they reach the city’s central system. Further, clogs with both water and hazardous materials can back up onto your property, causing a dangerous situation. 

Keep Drain Covers Clean 

Depending on the age of the drain, it might be challenging to clean. For the most part, the city will manage street drains. If you have a drain on your property, you will likely need to call for professional assistance. Over time, drains can form deposits from the elements and surrounding environment that will block the flow. 

Have Gutters Cleaned Annually 

The gutters on your house can be problematic for drains if not regularly cleaned. The best way to prevent gutter sludge or other debris from dislodging from your gutters and downspouts then making its way to your area drains is to schedule yearly gutter cleaning. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get their hands dirty, set aside a weekend to clean your gutters annually for best results. 

Clear Nearby Areas of Debris 

In some areas, trash, recycling, and yard waste are set near the curb, where storm drains are nearby. If any remaining waste is leftover after pickup, be sure to clear the area entirely by raking or picking up any remaining scraps. 

For more information on storm drain maintenance or replacement, contact the professionals at All State Civil Construction for more details. 



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