Protect Your Home From Flooding With a Seawall

There is something soothing and almost magical about a body of natural water. Owing a waterfront house, whether on a lake, a river, or the ocean can provide an incredibly peaceful home environment. Swimming, boating, fishing, or just looking out at the water that is just outside your door.

There are potential downsides to living so close to the water and precautions must be taken to avoid them. The threat of flooding is real and water rushing into your house can cause significant damage to your property as well as the structure itself. One of the best ways to guard against flooding is to build a seawall.

The Seawall

A seawall is a structure built between your house and the edge of the water. It’s made of concrete, stone, and sheet metal. Strong and durable, a seawall can stand up to the force of waves and wind as well as prevent erosion. They reduce the risk of any kind of water damage.

The Advantages of a Seawall

The are four major advantages to installing a seawall at your waterfront home.

They Create a Barrier

A seawall provides a physical barrier that can hold back the water during high tides, storms, and heavy rains that raise water levels. They can absorb the impact of the waves and prevent water from flowing inland where it can cause considerable damage.

They Protect Against Flooding

Natural bodies of water, especially the sea, are powerful forces that can pour thousands of gallons of water over the shore. Tremendous damage can be done to property, the environment, and to human life. Seawalls can hold back rising water levels and protect the land. This is especially important during the violent storms that are frequent in some coastal areas. 

They Protect Against Erosion

Even mild flooding that doesn’t reach your house can cause significant damage. Water erodes soil. Over time, your property becomes smaller, and eventually, the foundation your home sits on could be weakened, causing it to collapse. This is a threat to the safety of you and your family and can cost a huge amount of money. A seawall can prevent erosion. The structures must be properly maintained with periodic inspections and shoring up when needed. Your seawall will continue to protect your property if it is looked after correctly.

They Keep Landscape Intact

Sometimes, nature attacks in force and despite having a seawall, you experience flooding. The strength of the materials that make up your seawall will lessen the distance the water travels inland. This helps to protect the landscape, keeping it intact. When the water recedes, your home and property will maintain their shape and structure saving you costly repairs and having to find a temporary place to live in the meantime. 

Living near the water can enhance your everyday life. Don’t risk the high monetary and emotional cost of damaged property. Contact All State Civil Construction at (386) 465-2187 to have a seawall built to protect your home. Our expert engineers and construction crews will help ensure that you never have to go through the pain of water damage.



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