Signs that a Manhole Requires Immediate Attention

Maintenance can be a rewarding and good-paying career. Buildings of all kinds, areas of land, and business, apartment, and condominium complexes all need to be taken care of. This involves maintaining and repairing many different things from windows and doors to lawns and walkways. It takes a variety of skills and experience with numerous tools and pieces of equipment.

A maintenance worker can take great pride in what they do, knowing that their job is essential to the people who work, live, or play at that facility. These employees can handle any of the common and daily tasks assigned to them. Occasionally, they may have to bring in outside, expert help. One situation that would require this would be a manhole cover that needs attention.

Manhole Covers

Manhole covers are everywhere. You’ll see them on city streets, in parking lots, in driveways, and pretty much anywhere people live or work. These heavy-duty lids sit on top of holes that allow access to water and sewage systems, electrical and telephone lines, and any other underground logistical resources. The covers are usually made from cast iron, concrete, or a combination. They protect the underground access areas and prevent unauthorized people from going down. The covers are very heavy and not easily moved. They stay in place even when driven over by traffic.

Manhole Covers That Need Attention

Nothing lasts forever and that applies to the sturdy manhole cover. Maintenance workers who have manhole covers on the property where they work should inspect the covers periodically. A sign that a manhole cover needs attention should be dealt with immediately. Contact a construction company that can repair and replace manholes right away. There are generally two different signs that indicate a problem.

Uneven or Sunken Manhole Covers

A manhole cover should be flush with the payment in which it sits. If any part of it lies above or below the surface of the road it can cause damage to vehicles that drive over it. Even worse, the weight of those vehicles passing over can cause the structure of the manhole to deteriorate and crumble over time. That would require an extensive and costly repair. If you see an uneven or sunken manhole cover, have it repaired immediately.

Deterioration of Brick or Mortar

The hole itself and the side of the access tube are generally made of brick and mortar. Manhole covers should be pulled off to allow inspection of the ring and the bricks and mortar inside. If there is any deterioration or if anything has shifted out of place, this needs to be dealt with immediately. Water can get into the hole and traffic weight and vibrations can cause the entire structure to crumble, causing a major problem. Prevention is the key.

Manhole covers are sturdy but still susceptible to problems as is the structure of the hole itself. Inspect all the manholes that are a part of the property you maintain regularly. Look for these signs that they need immediate attention and contact All State Civil Construction at (386) 465-2187. We have the skill and experience to repair the problem before it becomes a serious issue.



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