Why You Should Pay More Attention to your Property’s Storm Drain

Whether you oversee a commercial property or a residential one, as you maintain it, you will need to rely on the existing infrastructure in place – and this includes storm drains.

Storm drains are an essential and easily overlooked part of property management. As you keep storm drains well maintained and in good repair, your land and surrounding assets can be kept safe; rain or shine.

Feeling a little lost when it comes to storm drains? No problem. Our team has put together this overview to help you better understand the importance of them.

Prevent Flooding

Open storm drain systems are useful as they create a place for sprinkler runoff and rainwater that go almost unnoticed from day to day. However, open storm drains can also become clogged due to foreign objects that cross their path. When debris blocks your drain, flooding is more likely to occur. Our storm drain maintenance team can inspect your drain regularly and maintain a clean and debris-free area for flood prevention. It may be time to call the professionals, if you suspect any of the following flooding hazards could be clogging your storm drain:

  • Lawn clippings

  • Leaves

  • Sticks and twigs

  • Thick mud

  • Rocks

  • Litter and debris

Protect the Landscape

Storm drains are important for directing storm and irrigation runoff away from your valuable property. Not only do they keep water from sitting, but also prevent dangerous forms of erosion. If you notice poorly planned storm drains causing erosion on your landscape, you should consider hiring a storm drain expert to evaluate the situation. While storm drains are typically considered public infrastructure, you can’t always depend on your municipal organization to address long-term problems like erosion. Our drain experts can help you find the best solution to address the problem at hand.

Reduce Insurance Costs

If your property is known to have a reoccurring flooding or erosion problem, you are likely to experience higher insurance rates. Keep your insurance costs low by working with a local storm drain expert who can brag all of the following credentials:

  • Certified by OSHA

  • State of the art equipment for a job done right

  • Over 20 years serving our Florida community

  • Confined Space Trained

  • Testimonials to back our safety, service and quality

Need Repairs? Call the Storm Drain Specialists

If you suspect your storm drain is the cause of recurring property damage or flooding, it’s time to get in touch with an expert. We can address all of your concerns from cleaning and maintenance to more advanced repairs.

Speak with one of the specialists at All State Civil Construction to learn more about the importance of storm drain repair and maintenance. We can be reached online for non-emergent issues, or by phone at (386) 465-2187.



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