Your Quick Guide to Manhole Rehabilitation and Replacement

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Manholes are everywhere. You see them every day when you drive or walk to your destinations. Maybe you even take them for granted. But there’s a lot going on beneath their metal and concrete covers.

Like any other structure, manholes require maintenance – and sometimes, they need to be replaced. This brief primer explains how manholes are kept in good condition through decades of use and exposure.

Manhole Functionality and Deterioration

Manholes offer access to underground sewer systems and other facilities. They’re used for inspections, maintenance, cleaning and other critical jobs. Depending on the city’s sewage system, they may also allow gasses to escape.

Manholes have been around for about 5,000 years. They were even used in ancient Rome. The manholes in your city are much younger, but they still take a lot of abuse. When manhole frames and covers are damaged, they can lead to road hazards, sewer blockages and even injuries. Manhole deterioration results from some common causes:

  • Water erosion
  • Invasion of tree roots
  • Earthquakes
  • Ground settlement
  • Destruction of the surrounding asphalt
  • Weather extremes like ice, snow or severe heat

Manhole Rehabilitation Options

Manhole damage can be minimized if rehabilitation is done early enough. Some common signs of damage include ill-fitting covers, cracks around the manhole and pooling water. Grouting, lining and polyurethane spray are all useful repair options:

  • Grouting stops runoff from draining into a manhole. Each manhole must be cleaned first. Minor cracks are sealed with grout that matches the manhole’s material and surrounding ground. This method is best for structurally sound manholes.
  • Lining provides structural reinforcement. After dirt and debris are cleared out, a custom liner is inserted and cured into place. With this new interior, the manhole can function as normal.
  • Polyurethane spray also delivers structural reinforcement. Applied to the insides of a cleaned-out manhole, this spray-on coating shields against corrosion and cures in just a few seconds.

These methods take just a few hours. With their short turnaround times, you can avoid lengthy service interruptions.

Replacing a Manhole

Sometimes, manholes are so severely damaged that they must be replaced. First, the manhole must be excavated down to the sewer main. This requires a temporary bypass until the excavation is complete. Once completed, the manhole now has new structures and materials. This process can be extensive and take a few days to finish – and in every case, should be handled by the right professionals

Looking to Hire The Right Professionals for the Job? 

Manholes are a vital part of any city’s infrastructure. Like anything else, they require maintenance to remain accessible and safe. Count on the skilled manhole repair professionals at Allstate Civil Construction for your handle manhole rehabilitation and replacement needs.

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