Round vs. Square Manhole Repairs: A Guide for Effective Repair and Maintenance

Manhole repair and maintenance can be challenging, especially after road resurfacing. Both square and round cuts have been used before, but with technological advancements, circular cuts have emerged as the preferred method. Below is a comparison of each design to help you make an informed decision when repairing and upkeeping manholes.

Safety Concerns

The safety of workers during manhole repairs cannot be overemphasized. Round manholes are significantly safer compared to square ones. They are resistant to frost heave and less intrusive to snow plows. Additionally, the round surfaces provide uniformity, preventing sharp corners and planes of weakness that can cause cracking and premature failure. The rounded shape also causes less damage to the equipment used for snow removal, making it a safer option. Repairs on round manholes are less risky, leading to fewer injuries and better overall safety for workers.

Difference in Costs

Round manhole repairs are significantly cheaper than square repairs. Round cuts require less excavation and material, resulting in a 20% reduction in costs, which can be huge on large projects. Additionally, round repairs cost less in the long run as they require fewer maintenance needs. The round structure has a smaller perimeter, which reduces the possibility of water penetration and the consequent need for repairs. Round repairs are cost-saving since they are economical and lead to fewer future repairs.


A round manhole repair’s aesthetic appeal is superior to a square one’s. They present a neater and more uniform appearance, which sets them apart from square manhole repairs. The round collar also makes the gradient transition from the frame to the road easier and more aesthetic. When a circular collar is placed around a round manhole frame, the planes of weakness caused by varying collar width reduce, causing cracking, and premature failure is avoided.

Repairs and Application

Round manhole repairs are becoming more accepted worldwide. They are both safer and more economical, making them the preferred method for many engineers. Circular manhole repairs guarantee optimal reinforcement, which is crucial in ensuring the stability and longevity of the manhole. A round cut also provides a perfect circular cut, fully penetrating the road, making it an ideal option for a perfect manhole fit.

High-Quality Manhole and Catch Basin Renovations

Manhole repair and maintenance involve many factors that need consideration before selecting a repair method. While square manhole repairs have been the default for many years, round manhole repairs have emerged as the better option. They are safer, more economical, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly. The circular cuts provide a more uniform and stable structure, guaranteed to withstand traffic loads and weather elements.

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