Why You Should Repair Your Seawall

Owning a home on the water has its many benefits – and just as much as you’re taking in that awesome view and waterfront access, it’s just as important to make sure you’re maintaining it in order to enjoy it for years to come.
Your property line can take a hit in wear and tear when it comes to water impact caused by waves and storms, so it’s important to invest in a solid seawall to protect it. Not quite sure where to start when it comes to maintaining your seawall? Don’t stress.
Our team of erosion protection experts put together this overview about the different types of erosion protection, and the reasons why you should have your wall inspected and repaired.

The Purpose of a Seawall

Whether your property has ocean, lake or river frontage, daily contact with water can create erosion issues. Over time, this will shrink your frontage and could even affect your building’s foundation. Most waterfront properties already have a form of breakwall installed. If you don’t have any way of protecting your property from erosion, it’s important to work with a leading seawall construction team to secure your investment.

Types of Seawalls

There are two basic types of seawalls, or breakwalls, that are used to protect your property: riprap embankments and vertical walls.

Riprap Embankment

Riprap embankments are affordable and designed for low-impact areas of shoreline. They can’t withstand the full force of ocean waves, but they can protect against erosion from a gentle river or lake.

Vertical Walls

Vertical walls are an upright, dependable structure. They provide a bastion of support against intense storms, daily waves and other erosion issues. Vertical walls require professional engineering and routine inspections. Without expert maintenance, water may leak behind your seawall and cause serious erosion issues.

Benefits of Repairing Your Seawall

Proper maintenance can allow your seawall to last up to 60 years. Our team at All State Civil Construction offers comprehensive inspections and state-of-the-art repair processes to seal your seawall against any major or minor cracks. We use polyurethane and other materials to repair your wall and offer these benefits:
Some repair issues are obvious to property owners, while others are much more subtle. You may notice minor cracks or imperfections on your seawall, or you may see moisture issues near your wall. Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, consider requesting an inspection to create a maintenance schedule for this essential structure.

Request an Inspection Today

Ready to invest in preventative maintenance on your commercial or residential property? Request a seawall inspection at All State Civil Construction to verify the condition of your seawall structure. We offer preventative maintenance, emergency repairs and new seawall construction services to protect your beautiful oceanside or lakeside property – Call our team at (386) 681-8105 today!



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