Choosing the Right Company for Manhole Repair

Maintaining your city’s wastewater infrastructure with thorough inspections, scheduled maintenance and prompt repairs by a leading manhole repair company is crucial. That’s why it is important to explore the various designs and build elements used in city manhole designs, so that you can make the best decision when it comes to maintenance and repairs.
Not sure where to start? No problem. Our team of experts have put together this guide on how you can choose the right professionals for your specific job, in order to protect these below-grade structures to keep your city safe.

The Purpose of a Manhole

Wastewater systems require periodic inspections and maintenance services, so cities have used manholes as access points for over 200 years. Some access points in the United States are up to 100 years old, creating unsafe conditions for city workers entering and exiting through these access points.

Materials and Designs Used

Traditional manholes, some of which are still in use, were made of brick and mortar. These materials wear down with age and create opportunities for waste water to leak and penetrate the ground water. Since the 1950s, many new manholes have been constructed with precast concrete. These designs are more efficient and affordable than brick, but are still subject to wear.

The Need for Manhole Repair

A compromised manhole or other below-grade wastewater structure creates leakage issues in both directions. Damaged walls allow dirt and other debris to enter septic lines. They also allow black water to seep into the surrounding soil.
Together, these issues create erosion and septic line blockage issues that can be costly and dangerous for your city’s residents.

Inspections for Engineering Issues

Ensure your city remains safe with properly installed and maintained manholes. At All State Civil Construction, we offer in-depth inspections to look for common engineering issues and maintenance problems.
Compromised walls, grading issues and blockages all require preventative maintenance and prompt repair services.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the greatest challenges in working on a below-grade structure is identifying an issue. Leakage from around a manhole can create a significant amount of erosion before it’s visible from the surface.
Here are some preventative maintenance steps we take to avoid this issue:

Prompt Repairs

Crumbling manholes with severe cracks require immediate repairs. It is important to work with experienced manhole professionals to identify the prompt repair services that restore a sealed, safe manhole access point.
We repair brick, concrete and any other manhole materials to winterize, seal and secure your city wastewater system.

Hire the Right Manhole Repair Team for Your City

Choose All State Civil Construction to inspect and repair your city manholes. As an experienced leader in the industry, we offer affordable and effective solutions that protect your city and reduce emergency repair costs in the future. Contact our team online, or call (386) 681-8105 today!



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