Finding the Right Seawall for Your Property

If you’ve taken a walk on the beach lately, you may have noticed some variation in the type of seawalls that run along beachfront property. In areas with limited dune space between the beach and structures, sea walls are necessary to protect structures from sand erosion. If you currently own or are planning to purchase beachfront property in Daytona Beach or the surrounding areas and don’t have a seawall, All State Civil Construction can help you shield your investment. Let’s take a look at several kinds of seawall to help you determine which one will serve you (and your money) best.


One of the most affordable options, a sheet metal seawall can handle extreme conditions. Unfortunately, this functional option is not very pretty and can rust easily, but it will get the job done. Keep in mind that you may have to repair rusted-out metal if you opt for this kind of wall.

Mixed Concrete and Rock

Also known as rip rap, this type of seawall consists of large rocks or chunks of concrete that are strategically placed to form a barrier. This is one of the most common types of seawall because it’s simple and affordable to construct. The pieces of rock or concrete can adjust themselves by settling into place as needed and, if a piece becomes dislodged or lost, it can be easily replaced. Mixed material walls like this do best in light or moderate conditions.

Decorative Rock

Decorative rock is a less commonly used seawall option due to its higher cost. This wall is constructed with decorative rocks that are cemented together for a neater, more appealing look. This option is better for an area with light waves to prevent damage to the intricately-designed structure.

Solid Concrete

Solid concrete is the most durable seawall option and, as such, requires very little maintenance. Concrete block walls are anchored deep in the ground to ensure that they are structurally stable and will stick around for many years. However, as with most things that are built to last, you pay more for this option. A seawall of this kind is ideal for a larger property line.

If you are ready to take the next step toward protecting your investment, give All State Civil Construction a call today at (386) 465-2187 to schedule a free estimate or contact us online for more information. We bring over 20 years of experience to your project and look forward to working with you to maintain your property’s value for years to come.



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